Within the framework of the stakeholder analysis of the ePANACEA project, user perception interviews have been conducted in the five pilot countries Spain, Belgium, Finland, Austria, and Greece – and in Germany, in order to receive more in-depth information from stakeholders, in addition to the insights from literature review. The interviews targeted EPC end users (building owners, tenants, building managers and occupants) and other stakeholders close to end users and/or the EPC.

In most countries awareness about the EPC is low and end users perceive the EPC as another burden. Other factors (e.g. costs and location) are primarily determining the decision or not to invest in a building, while advice is often sought from expert acquaintances when it comes to investing in energy efficiency measures.

Raising awareness of and training such experts seem key to best reach end users. Additionally, calculation methodologies need to improve to deliver accurate indicators and results be communicated in a clearer, understandable way to gain trust from end users.

The figure above gives an idea about end users’ and stakeholders’ perceptions and needs regarding the EPC. Further results from the interviews will be available soon.