The web workshop “Building Energy Performance Certificates for the people” took place on 30 March 2021, led by IRI-UL from the U-CERT project. Six guest representatives of the Next Generation EPCs cluster of Horizon 2020 projects took part in this event, including Laura Muhr from IZES on behalf of the ePANACEA project.

The purpose of this workshop was to find out the actual opinion of the general public about Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and their value. The U-CERT team, the guest keynote speaker and the six representatives, highlighted the latest insights about how diverse groups of people (from homeowners, to EPC scheme developers etc.) relate to EPCs and how they would envision them evolving. The topics covered within the event are the following:

  • The initial intentions and how they become reality after more than 10 years of having EPCs present in the national markets of EU Member States
  • The way people realise EPCs based on their different roles and technical knowledge, e.g. experts, users
  • The real needs and expectations and the way to address them in the development of EPCs

You can watch the workshop recording in the following link