For more than a decade, Energy Performance Certificates provide detailed data about the current energy needs of a building/building unit as well as information about the building construction and systems. A Building Renovation Passport (BRP) has more recently been conceived as a tool that can stimulate cost-effective, deep renovation, by providing a clear roadmap for staged renovation over the lifetime of a building, helping owners and investors plan the best timing and scope for interventions. Digital Building Logbooks (DBL) in addition can serve as repositories for all data on an individual building, to facilitate information access and sharing. The objective of this report is to investigate how the current EPC schemes best make the link towards the BRP and the DBL to further incentivise and stimulate cost-effective deep energy renovations of buildings across Europe.

The report is accessible at the link below.

ePANACEA D2.5 Linking EPCs with Building Logbooks and Renovation Passports