This document presents an inventory of data that can be used to supplement or replace the current energy performance certificate and explores the potential impact of the incorporation of this data. Various types of data are explored, ranging from building geometry, building envelope, boundary conditions, occupant behaviour and HVAC systems to energy performance.

A scoping analysis is performed, which starts from an inventory of data that can be measured, after which the scope is narrowed down to only those data variables that can be relevant to be incorporated into the EPC. The selected data variables are further analysed based on their nature and accessibility, as well as their post-processing methods.

The study shows how several types of data have an influence on the uncertainty of building performance analyses, and that occupant behaviour related inputs have probably the highest impact on energy performance calculations.

You can download the report from the link below.

ePANACEA D2.4 Use of energy data within EPC schemes