For at least 10 years, building energy performance certificates (EPCs) have existed in Europe with more than 30 different methodologies at national level, underpinned by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). Policy and finance are becoming significant for the digital transformation of buildings until 2050 to achieve a healthy, safe, efficient and sustainable EU building stock. Although the technical side is still fragmented due to the different approaches of the Member States, all the “technical layer” ingredients are available, such as the set of CEN/ISO Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) standards and Horizon 2020 coordination, support and innovation actions.

All the above issues were discussed in the workshop “Building Energy Performance Certificates: Convergent evolution?!” that took place on 1 July 2021. More specifically, during the workshop, U-CERT, EPB Center teams and six guest representatives, including María Fernández Boneta from CENER, coordinator of the ePANACEA project, learned, exchanged and identified the most sensible pathways to build forward together. In addition, they had conversations in the spirit of the EU principles, including subsidiarity, and facilitated a convergent evolution to a common building performance coherence framework.

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