One year into the Horizon 2020 project ePANACEA, the project partners share their views on the context of Energy Performance Certificates, and their vision for the project’s contribution to energy performance assessment and certification.

Watch the video on Youtube.

The video has been produced by ePANACEA project partner Sympraxis, with contributions from partners CENER, CRES, EASt, IDAE, IZES, VITO and VTT.

The video includes subtitles in English and will soon be subtitled in all ePANACEA project languages.

Stock video has been sourced via as kindly made available by Ricardo Esquivel (3109540), Mikhail Nilov (8356930 and 8435616), German Korb (4791180), James Geddes (2098057), ArtHouse Studio (8224557), Polina Kovaleva (8084746), Thirdman (8482291 and 8482331), Patrick Krabbe (4072163), RODNAE Productions (8783663, 8783209 and 8783447), Creativ Medium (5609110), Tima Miroshnichenko (6473950, 6615304 and 5716910), Tom Fisk (3392357), Alex Pelsh (4456878) and MART PRODUCTION (7263300).

Background music is Embracing Spring by Up North Music, licensed via Shutterstock.