We are happy to announce the 2nd round of online user workshops, planned in January 2022 in the ePANACEA pilot countries. This time we would like to test users’ acceptance of the updated design of an EPC report that was developed in the course of the project so far.

More precisely, we would like to learn how understandable and useful users perceive our suggestions for a new EPC report. For this purpose we want to host an interactive workshop, where we present our proposals regarding contents and visualizations for a new EPC report and participants let us know their opinions and preferences via an online survey tool and during open discussions.

No prior knowledge is necessary to participate. Users’ feedback will help us to develop a more useful and understandable EPC report. The online-workshops are open to the public and will last approx. 2 hrs. Project partners in the pilot countries will host the workshops and will reward participants with a gift related to energy efficiency.

If we have aroused your interest in participating in the workshop or you have any related questions, please contact Laura Muhr (muhr@izes.de).