The Regional Exploitation Board (REB) meetings in the five REB regions (Southwestern, Western, Central, Northern, Southeastern) will be held for the second time in November and December 2021. The approximately 50 participating experts, mainly policy makers and certification bodies, come from nearly all EU Member States (EU27+Norway+UK).

The aim of the REB meetings is to involve key stakeholders in the target countries in defining the evaluation methodology and EPC schemes, assessing their potential replication, and supporting local dissemination activities. This will ensure a deep understanding, increase knowledge, and strengthen the commitment of key policy makers, certification bodies and other relevant stakeholders.

A special focus is on the previous topic “Insights and recommendations from end-user interviews and workshops from 6 countries” and the very important topic of “Convergence and prioritization of key indicators for EPCs”. The REB meetings will include intensive discussions and joint transnational exchange.

Due to the pandemic, it was decided to organise the REB meetings online. All dates for the meetings have been set:

– Northern REB, led by VTT on 29th November 2021.

– Central REB, led by EASt on 1st December 2021.

– Western REB, led by VITO on 8th December 2021

– Southwestern REB, led by CENER on 13th December 2021

– Southeastern REB, led by CRES on 13th December 2021

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