As an update of the version released in February 2021, this document is a compendium of background information about ePANACEA’s methodology, the  composition and objectives of the various boards, as well as of the outcomes from the meetings established between members of ePANACEA’s Testing and Demonstration Board (TDB). Currently, the report includes the conclusions from the first (June 2020), second (February 2021) and third (October 2021) TDB meetings. In addition, two exemplary case studies for the testing and validation activities as well as a preliminary list with the chosen case studies are included in the annex. The chosen buildings are very different (type of building, climatic area, housing technologies, users, etc.). The ePANACEA methodology will be tested with a big range of building typologies in order to create validated assessment methods with high reliability and broad applicability.

Compendium of Testing and Demonstration Board Meetings – Updated December 2021