The methodology developed within ePANACEA will be demonstrated and validated in five European pilot countries (Austria, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Spain) through 15 real case studies. This document contains a detailed description of the case study buildings in each of the ePANACEA pilot countries, and includes activity schedules, milestones and expected outcomes from testing and demonstrating the ePANACEA methodology.
The demonstration of the energy assessment and certification methodology is organised in three phases: first a case study preparation phase, then a case study plan of activities and reporting phase, and finally the demonstration and validation phase comprising also the final report on the evaluation of the three assessment methodologies developed within the ePANACEA project.
The selection of the case study buildings is based on a set of criteria and data requirements developed for the different ePANACEA methodologies and is performed in close cooperation between the ePANACEA experts team and the building owners.
The activity schedule is a work plan specifically tailored for each case study, that structures and supports the testing process of the 3 developed ePANACEA methodologies. The activity schedule is subdivided into phases and structured around milestones to clearly guide the process from preparation of the case studies to the collection of the results. A set of predefined milestones are further supported by deadlines to secure the overall workflow across all project work areas. All case studies implement their test process according to the specified activity schedule.

Demonstration activities plans of each pilot country