During the second round of ePANACEA’s five Regional Exploitation Board meetings which took place virtually in November and December 2021, in total 36 different and highly relevant institutions from 20 different countries discussed:

  • insights and recommendations from end-user interviews and
  • convergence and prioritisation of key indicators for EPCs.

This document summarises the outcomes and conclusions of these discussions which represent valuable input for the upcoming project activities related to the ePANACEA methodology development.


The Regional Exploitation Boards (REBs) represent an important pillar of ePANACEA. The project aims to establish a fluent dialogue with different European stakeholders with special focus on national/regional policy makers and certification bodies, which are directly involved in the implementation of the different EPC schemes and are responsible for energy regulations development in their own regions/countries. Therefore, the REBs are composed of these important regional European stakeholders, as well as consumer associations, building products manufacture associations, professional associations, etc. The dialogue is moderated by the ePANACEA project partners.

Read the conclusions of these meeting at the link below.

ePANACEA D6.2 Conclusions of 2nd REB meetings