In January 2022, online user-acceptance workshops were conducted in the five ePANACEA pilot countries (Spain, Belgium, Finland, Austria and Greece) to test users’ acceptance of ePANACEA’s proposals for a new EPC. The proposals consisted of different illustrations of energy, labels, final energy demand, partial performance indicators, etc.

In total 105 participants took part in the online acceptance workshops. Their views were collected through the interactive software poll everywhere and open discussions.

Based on the results, it seems that the majority of the participants rate the perceived importance, understandability and usefulness of the proposals high. However, it is also clear that there is potential for improvement of the content, presentation and visualisation of the information in the EPC.

Considering this feedback from end users, ePANACEA partners will revise the proposals for a new EPC. The revised draft will be tested in a second round of acceptance workshops with end users in January 2023.

Read the conclusions of the end user acceptance workshops at the link below.

ePANACEA_D3.4 Assessing EPC user-acceptance