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Three EU-funded Horizon 2020 projects, D^2EPC, E-DYCE & ePANACEA , joined forces in organizing a final conference to present their outcomes, as all of them are reaching their end after 3 years of hard work. The event was held physically on the 24th of May 2023 at Hotel Le Plaza in Brussels. The conference focused on “Next Generation Energy Performance Assessment, Rating and Certification: Towards a Smart and Decarbonised Future for European Buildings” where each project presented its own findings on how to optimize and extend the use of Energy Performance Certificates.

The conference contributed to the dialogue ahead of EPCs interlinked with AI, platforms, data and the BIM-based digital twin concept and provided participants the opportunity to discuss about:

  • The global context, EU policy context, EPBD Recast, REPower EU etc. regarding EPCs
  • The gaps of the existing energy performance certification schemes
  • The technology, policy and market insights from the three projects
  • Specific results from the three projects
  • The opportunities and challenges of dynamic and smart EPCs

The three projects’ specific objectives have been:

  • Set the grounds for the NextGen of dynamic EPCs for the operational assessment of buildings energy performance, building upon actual data and the ‘digital twin’ concept to enable enhanced multi-parameter assessment and provide improved AI-driven assessment recommendations (D^2EPC project)
  • The natural evolution of the conventional EPC into real time optimisation of building performance and comfort, by capturing the building’s dynamic behavior, and simultaneously providing transparent feedback, through an intuitive interface (E-DYCE project)
  • Making use of the most advanced techniques in dynamic and automated simulation modelling, big data analysis and machine learning, inverse modelling or the estimation of potential energy savings and economic viability check (ePANACEA project)

In 2020, D^2EPC, E-DYCE and ePANACEA became part of the Next Gen EPCs cluster which also includes 10 more related projects: X-tendo, U-CERT, QualDeEPC, EPC-RECAST, crossCert, EUBSuperHub, iBRoad2EPC, TIMEPAC, SmartlivingEPC and CHRONICLE

The conference included summary presentations of outcomes by the 3 projects’ partners, as well as insightful contributions and roundtable discussions with EU experts.

You can find the agenda of the Conference here

The following table shows the downloadable presentations as well as every video slot. The event was live-streamed and can be watched in whole here.

Speaker Presentation File Video

Part 1: Overall context
Moderator: Alexander Deliyannis, Sympraxis

Alexander Deliyannis, Sympraxis Welcome P1 0 Alexander Deliyannis welcome
Pau Garcia Audi Global context, EU policy context, REPower EU, etc Part 1 1 EC Pau Garcia Audi – EPBD recast – Next generation EPCs  P1 1 Pau Garcia Audi
Anastasiya Yurchyshyna, ECTP Towards a Smart and Decarbonised Future for European Buildings Part 1 2 ECTP A.Yurchyshyna – Smart Decarb Future P1 2 Anastasiya Yurchyshyna
Flourentzos Flourentzou, ESTIA Energy Performance Certification & Certificates: what’s missing? Part 1 3 Flourentzos Flourentzou – EPC missing P1 3 Flourentzos Flourentzou
Dimos Ioannidis, CERTH, D^2EPC
Michal Pomianowski, AAU
María Fernández Boneta, ePANACEA
Quick introduction and perspectives: D^2EPC, E-DYCE, ePANACEA Part 1 4a D^2EPC Dimos Ioannidis – Project in a nutshell

Part 1 4b E-DYCE Michal Pomianowski – introduction

Part 1 4c ePANACEA Maria Boneta – Project Overview

P1 4a Dimos Ioannidis

P1 4b Michal Pomianowski

P1 4c María Fernández Boneta

Part 2: Synthesis of insights from the 3 projects
Moderator: Andrei Vladimir Litiu, REHVA

P2 0 Andrei Vladimir Litiu intro
Stavros Koltsios, CERTH Summary of insights from D^2EPC Part 2 1 D^2EPC Stavros Koltsios – Insights P2 1 Stavros Koltsios
Michal Pomianowski, AAU
Giacomo Chiesa, Politecnico di Torino
Summary of insights from E-DYCE  Part 2 2a EDYCE Michal Pomianowski – Giacomo Chiesa – Insights P2 2a Michal Pomianowski

P2 2b Giacomo Chiesa

Aitor Domínguez, IDAE
Laura Muhr, IZES
Summary of insights from ePANACEA Part 2 3 ePANACEA Aitor Dominguez – Laura Muhr – Insights P2 3a Aitor Domínguez

P2 3b Laura Muhr

Part 3: Specific results of the 3 projects
Moderator: Maarten De Groote, VITO

P3 0 Maarten De Groote intro
Paris Fokaides, FRC D^2EPC: Activities for a new EN standard on buildings operational rating Part 3 1 D^2EPC Paris Fokaides – Operational Rating P3 1 Paris Fokaides
Olena Larsen, Aalborg University
Giacomo Chiesa, Politecnico di Torino
Vagelis Alifragkis, EMTECH
E-DYCE: EDYCE protocol, PREDYCE, FUSIX Part 3 2 EDYCE Olena Larsen, Giacomo Chiesa & Vagelis Alifragkis EDYCE PREDYCE FUSIX P3 2a Olena Larsen

P3 2b Giacomo Chiesa

P3 2c Vagelis Alifragkis

Mohsen Sharifi, VITO
María Fernández Boneta, CENER
ePANACEA: The Smart Energy Performance Assessment Platform (SEPAP) Part 3 3 ePANACEA Mohsen Sharifi & Maria Fernandez – SEPAP P3 3a Mohsen Sharifi

P3 3b María Fernández Boneta

Maarten De Groote, VITO Q&A, interventions P3 4 Q&A

Part 4 (optional): Third party views
Moderators: Naghmeh Altmann, AEA and Paris Fokaides, FRC

Vivian Dorizas, BPIE The EPC after the EPBD recast Part 4 1 BPIE Vivian Dorizas – EPC in updated EPBD P4 1 Vivian Dorizas
moderator: Paris Fokaides, FRC
CrossCert – Naghmeh Altmann, AEA
EPC Recast – Andrei Vladimir Litiu, REHVA
iBRoad2EPC – Vivian Dorizas, BPIE
SmartLivingEPC – Stavros Koltsios, CERTH
TIMEPAC – Leandro Madrazo Agudin, Funitec
Roundtable: Next Generation EPC cluster projects P4 2 Roundtable, NextGen EPC cluster projects
Sussanne Bruner-Lienhart, EASt
Laura Muhr, IZES
Roundtable: end-users P4 3 Interactive, end-users
Moderators Conclusions and closure P4 4 Conclusions and closure

ePANACEA partners