Project Description

SPAIN – Public office building in Pamplona

This public office building was built in 1994 and has been renovated several times due to the commitment of the Government of Navarre to achieve energy efficiency and to reduce the carbon footprint of its public buildings. As a result, the building’s HVAC system was renovated and a PV roof of 27kW was installed in 2017 to provide on-site renewable electricity. The gross floor area is 5.446,6 m2, with a useful floor area of 4.744 m2 accommodating 230 people. The original building included a glazed façade that, starting in 2017, is being gradually renovated to reduce its thermal transmittance and improve users’ thermal comfort. Its HVAC system is mainly composed of four recently installed condensing boilers for heating and one 350 kW chiller for cooling, located on the roof. The distribution and emission for heating and cooling takes place through a 4-pipe fan-coil-system. The building uses natural gas for heating and electricity for cooling, lighting, auxiliary and other electric equipment. One of the most recent renovations included the replacement of the whole lighting system by LED lamps with daylight dimming control and presence sensors. Besides, a central BMS for building control and energy use monitoring was installed in 2020.

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Public office building in Pamplona. Main façade.
Public office building in Pamplona. PV roof (27kW).


CO2 emissions indicator (National EPC) 89,1 kg/m²a
Class/Label (National EPC) C






9:00am – 6:00pm