You may find below the public outputs of the ePANACEA project, available for download.

Smart and novel technologies

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ePANACEA Inventory of smart and novel technologies Report about inventory of smart and novel technologies This report describes the process to develop an inventory, containing novel, smart and innovative technologies which have an impact on the building energy performance.

Innovative features

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ePANACEA D2.1 Report on the use of innovative certification schemes Report on the use of innovative certification schemes and their implementation This report on the use of innovative certification schemes aims to tackle current EPC challenges by proposing new features for implementation within existing schemes.

User needs analysis

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ePANACEA D3.1 Stakeholder Analysis Stakeholder analysis report This document contains the stakeholder analysis developed from the end user perspective within the ePANACEA project, in order to identify EPC end-users and other stakeholders who are more or less directly involved with EPCs and may influence end user behaviour and decision making in relation to the energy performance of their buildings.

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Methodology testing

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ePANACEA D5.1 Compedium of TDB Meetings v1 Compendium of Testing and Demonstration Board Meetings The first version of this report is a compendium of background information about ePANACEA’s methodology, the composition and objectives of the various boards, the testing process, as well as of the outcomes from the 1st meeting of the Testing and Demonstration Board on 13 July 2020. This report is a living document and will be updated after the upcoming meetings in 2021 and 2022.

REB meetings

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ePANACEA D6.1 Minutes of the 1st REB meetings Conclusions of 1st REB meetings A report summarising all main conclusions from the first five meetings of the Regional Exploitation Boards of ePANACEA.