You may find below the public outputs of the ePANACEA project, available for download.

Exploring the common framework for a modular energy performance assessment methodology

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ePANACEA Inventory of smart and novel technologies Report about inventory of smart and novel technologies This report describes the process to develop an inventory, containing novel, smart and innovative technologies which have an impact on the building energy performance.
ePANACEA D2.1 Report on the use of innovative certification schemes Report on the use of innovative certification schemes and their implementation This report on the use of innovative certification schemes aims to tackle current EPC challenges by proposing new features for implementation within existing schemes.
Guidelines on how
national EPC schemes
and SRI could be linked
In this report, ePANACEA investigates the possibilities for a successful implementation of a combined EPC-SRI approach.
Report on the use of
(energy) data within
EPC schemes
This document presents an inventory of data that can be used to supplement or replace the current energy performance certificate and explores the potential impact of the incorporation of this data.
Report on the current
status of national plans,
schemes and initiatives
on building renovation
The objective of this report is to investigate how the current EPC schemes best make the link towards the BRP and the DBL to further incentivise and stimulate cost-effective deep energy renovations of buildings across Europe.

Exploring user perceptions


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ePANACEA D3.1 Stakeholder Analysis Stakeholder analysis report This document contains the stakeholder analysis developed from the end user perspective within the ePANACEA project, in order to identify EPC end-users and other stakeholders who are more or less directly involved with EPCs and may influence end user behaviour and decision making in relation to the energy performance of their buildings. Download Now!
Insights on user perceptions and needs regarding  the Energy Performance
Certificate (EPC)
This ePANACEA report presents the research findings from more stakeholder interviews and online workshops with end users and other stakeholders of the EPC. The report provides insights on study participants’ knowledge, perception and use of the EPC, as well as their critiques and needs regarding it. The collected critiques and needs from research participants address different levels of the EPC (implementation, generation and use of the EPC).
Fact sheet on energy
related behaviour
patterns in the context
of buildings

Seeking to increase our understanding of energy-related building occupant behaviour for a more accurate integration of the user dimension in the ePANACEA methodology, this factsheet defines energy-related user behaviour patterns.


Methodology development

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Report on the selection
of the open-source
simulation tool
ePANACEA’s advanced dynamic simulation method for energy performance assessment requires a simulation tool which fulfills a number of requirements. This report describes the selection procedure for the most suitable simulation tool.
Report on the selection of advanced occupant models

Occupant behaviour is one of the most important factors contributing to the uncertainty of building energy performance. This work explores the possible implementation of advanced occupant models into the Assessment Method 3 developed under the ePANACEA methodology for the use of calibrated models based on dynamic simulation for Energy Performance Certification of buildings.

Demonstration and validation

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Compendium of Testing and Demonstration Board Meetings – Updated December 2021 This document is a compendium of background information about ePANACEA’s methodology, the composition and objectives of the various boards, as well as of the outcomes from the meetings established between members of ePANACEA’s Testing and Demonstration Board (TDB). Currently, the report includes the conclusions from the first (June 2020), second (February 2021) and third (October 2021) TDB meeting.

Targeted exploitation and replication activities

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ePANACEA D6.1 Minutes of the 1st REB meetings Conclusions of 1st REB meetings A report summarising all main conclusions from the first five meetings of the Regional Exploitation Boards of ePANACEA.
Description of
current EPC related policy framework in
implementing countries
This report presents an overview of the current EPC policy and implementation frameworks in the implementing countries Austria (focus Styria), Belgium (focus Flanders), Germany, Greece, Finland and Spain, in relation to: environment, recommendations, end-user perception, technology uptake, energy assessment, and rating system