ePANACEA’s methodology aims to contribute to the harmonisation of energy performance assessment and certification of buildings across the European Union, enhancing market trust and user friendliness in terms of clarity and accuracy of the information provided. ePANACEA’s methodology will be demonstrated and validated in five European pilot countries through 15 real case studies. A wide network of European building owners and managers that have expressed their commitment on providing necessary data for demonstration activities has been established. These demonstration actions pave the way for an efficient roll out of the methodology across the EU.

With these specific objectives the Testing and Demonstration Board (TDB) formed by technical partners and national/regional energy agencies of the ePANACEA consortium will allow the validation of the methodology in the five pilot countries from both technical (including cost-effectiveness) and political point of view. The TDB members are:

  • Austria: EASt (overall lead) and TUW
  • Belgium: VITO
  • Finland: VTT
  • Greece: CRES
  • Spain: CENER and IDAE

The first version of this report is a compendium of background information about ePANACEA’s methodology, the composition and objectives of the various boards, the testing process, as well as of the outcomes from the 1st meeting of the TDB in July 2020. This report is a living document and will be updated after the upcoming TDB meetings in 2021 and 2022. You may download the first version of the report from here.